Weekend en Picardie

17/11/2015: Adrien and Cécile’s house is located in a little village surrounded by fields and forests. Most of the time, some burning wood in the fireplace is warming up the living room, bringing this specific smell and atmosphere I love. I had three very peaceful and relaxing days, sharing my time between game playing andContinue reading “Weekend en Picardie”

Why do we only rest in peace? Why can’t we live in peace too? / Pourquoi seulement reposer en paix? Ne peut-on pas aussi vivre en paix?

14/11/2015: yesterday evening, after taking three trains I finally reached the little train station where Adrien was waiting for me. Once in his place we exchanged the last news, listened to music, drank a couple of beers and laughed a lot. Later we went to bed, that is the moment when I finally checked myContinue reading “Why do we only rest in peace? Why can’t we live in peace too? / Pourquoi seulement reposer en paix? Ne peut-on pas aussi vivre en paix?”

Etretat, Normandie

11/11/2015: back in France, I am now visiting Delphine, Maxime and their children who live in Le Havre, in Normandy region. They offered me to go to Etretat for the day, a few kilometres away from Le Havre. After having a delicious lunch in a restaurant with a panoramic view on the beach, we hadContinue reading “Etretat, Normandie”

Versailles (FR) & Liège (BE)

06/11/2015: after Paris, the plan is to have a relaxing day in Versailles, where Nico lives. I woke up late and left his place around lunchtime, looking for a nice place to eat before heading to the Palace of Versailles, former royal residence of a few French kings (before we started cutting their heads off).Continue reading “Versailles (FR) & Liège (BE)”

Paris, here I come! / Paris, j’arrive!

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step…” Lao Tzu 04/11/2015: the first step of my trip will be in Paris and Versailles to visit my childhood friend Nico B. As he is working during the day, I am using my free time to do some sightseeing in my hometown (yes IContinue reading “Paris, here I come! / Paris, j’arrive!”

Last trip in Ireland / Dernier voyage en Irlande

My departure day will be on the 4th of November, first stop will be Paris, but before leaving Ireland I got some visitors. My sisters came in an attempt to see some whales in the South. It is the ideal time of the year, except for the weather: because of strong winds, we could notContinue reading “Last trip in Ireland / Dernier voyage en Irlande”

The end of my Irish life / La fin de ma vie irlandaise

October 2015: after living ten years in Dublin, I am now ready to give my beloved apartment back and leave Ireland. Temporarily or not? God only knows… Whatever the future will be, I will always keep Ireland in my heart, for its inhabitants, its pubs, its landscapes, its music… Ireland gave me the opportunity toContinue reading “The end of my Irish life / La fin de ma vie irlandaise”